A. Break Up of the Ottoman Empire

  • This is the extent of the Ottoman EmpireFile:Ottoman Empire 1914 h.PNG
    The Ottoman Empire was an empire that spanned over most of Southwest Asia (the Middle East), areas of North Africa, and parts of Europe. The Ottoman Empire was first founded in 1299. The ethnic group that founded the Ottoman Empire were the Turks. The Ottomans prospered for a long time because of their immense cultural diversity and their advances in art and science.
    Non- Muslims were still allowed to practice their religions throughout the Empire. This earned the Ottomans much respect and favor throughout the world. Most of the leaders were also widely liked because of their good judgment and benevolent nature. One in particular, Suleiman the Magnificent was loved for his work of creating a strong judicial system and for his acceptance of people of all religions. For many centuries the empire prospered and thrived, but a time came when that changed...    

     Around the time of World War I, the Ottomans were very interested in gaining land. They found that if they supported the winning side of WWI, they would gain more land. Unfortunately, for the Ottomans, they joined the Central Powers, the losing side that also included the countries of:
  • Germany
  • Austria Hungary
  • Turkey
  • Bulgaria
   Great Brittain and France were on the winning side of the WWI. Those two countries, in particular, were very interested in the land that the Ottomans occupied. Britain and France sought to obtain and conquer more land as additions to their empires. When the British and French took over, they found their own way to partition the empire. The two empires paid no heed to the needs of the people and simply broke up the empire. Later, this would lead to serious altercations and consequences. The Sunni and the Shia, two Islamic factions that fight amongst themselves, were put in the same countries. The Kurdish, Arabic, and Persian ethnic groups were many times separated or mixed. Different religious groups were helplessly put into the same countries. After the partitioning was done, there were many civil wars, and instability was eminent throughout the Middle East. This differentiation between the groups is a source of conflict to date.
        The actions of Britain and France have caused turmoil and tumult in Southwest Asia. We may soon know whether their actions were for better or for worse....
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  Quick Summary
  • Ottoman Empire started in 1299
  • Ottomans interested in gaining land around WWI
  • Joined Central Powers
  • Britain & France broke up Ottoman Empire after taking over
  • Led to many regional conflicts taking place in modern times



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