B. Creation of Modern Israel

The foundation of modern Israel was mainly caused by the following threats and issues involving Jews. These threats included the Holocaust, religious connections to the land of Israel, Anti-Semitism, and Zionism.

Holocaust Relevance

The Holocaust was an act of killing many Jews during World War II.  About 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazi's in concentration camps. Some of the killings were blatant bombing of Jews' homes and killing them in public with guns. Adolf Hitler was the person who led the persecution against Jews. Hitler also created the Nazi Party, and started the concentration camps and the mass killing of Jews in order to achieve his Aryan "Master Race". This inflicted fear in the Jewish population of Europe, which, in turn, caused them to believe that moving to Israel would provide them safety from these threats. Although they didn't know that most of Southwest Asia was against the Jews.



Religious Connection to the Land
The Jews believe that Israel was promised to them by God because it is their holy land. In their religion, Abraham made a covenant with God where in He promised Abraham and his followers the land of Israel. They believed that since this land belonged to them that this would be a good place to go for safety. Jews from all around the world began a journey to Israel to re-claim their holy land.

Anti-Semitism is racism against Jews. It happens when a biased group of  people hates Jews and blames many of their problems on them. You should probably mention the long history of anti-Semitism in Europe. Zionism was the movement of Jews relocating back to their original homeland of Israel. The Zionists decided that returning to their homeland would keep the Jewish people safe from threats and Anti-Semitism throughout Europe, Southwest Asia, and other parts of the world.  The creation of the country of Israel started a conflict that still exists today. 


The Zionists did eventually gain their own land, which was a section of Pakistan, a totally different country that had been given to them by England and France after World War II. Over time, through many conflicts, the Jewish people claimed their holy city, Jerusalem, and now have the land that is modern day Israel.

Quick Summary:
  • Israel's creation was due to Holocaust, religious connections, Anti-semitism, and Zionism    
  • Holocaust was the mass slaughter of Jews
  • Zionism was the migration of Jews from other parts of the world to Israel
  •  Anti-semitism is bias against Jews and Judaism
  • Religious Connection is based on the Jewish belief that Israel was promised to the Jews by Abraham.

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