C. Conflicts from Land & Religion


What Started the Conflict in SWA? 
      Much of the conflict in Southwest Asia today dates back to when oil was first discovered in the large and wealthy country of Iran. This discovery caused large amounts of conflict by other countries around Iran fighting for the useful and modern petroleum oil. Another large conflict that started the similar conflict today in Southwest Asia was the breakup of the Ottoman Empire. The very diverse religious and ethnic groups of the Ottoman Empire were on Germany's side in WWI. Germany lost, and England and France decided to partition the vast Ottoman Empire. These large conflicts may have easily and effectively started the similar problems in Southwest Asia today.
Religion Causing Conflict in Southwest Asia
    One of the largest and well known conflicts caused from religion, and a racist conflict to hit Southwest Asia was the Holocaust in WWII. The Jews were forced out of their homeland of Palestine of which they really cherished and loved. After the killing of almost six million European Jews and a ton of years dealing with the deaths, they started a Zionist movement for Jews to return back to Palestine due to lots of Anti-Semitism. The Palestinian Arabs didn't approve of this which led to a long series of conflicts called Arab-Israeli wars. The Israeli Jews actually won most of these wars including the Six-Day War and Israeli War of Independence even though being greatly outnumbered.
Land Causing Conflict in Southwest Asia
    A large conflict in Southwest Asia was the Persian Gulf War between Iraq and Kuwait. Iraq invaded Kuwait in an attempt to control and obtain it's oil. Saddam Hussein started to make statements to try and persuade the people around him as to why Iraq should have all of the oil that Kuwait has (Which is a lot for such a small country), which didn't really work that well. After they invaded Kuwait, the United States and many other countries formed a alliance to get the dangerous, and threatening Iraqi troops out of the country. They rather easily drove the Iraqis back home in a couple of days.

    Another well known conflict of Southwest Asia was the break-up of the Ottoman Empire during WWI. It was a very strong and powerful part of the world but, siding with Germany during WWI was not the best decision to make. After Germany lost, the coalition of England and France in the war decided to divide it into unequal artificial boundaries (Not a great idea) where the ethnic groups of the Ottoman Empire were spreaded apart. They formed many of the countries in Southwest Asia that you see today.

    Land and religion are the main sources of conflict in Southwest Asia, and probably always will be. But until something significant in the ruling over the whole Asian continent stuns the whole world, the conflict will never stop.

Quick Summary:
  • Most of the conlict in Southwest Asia is over land and religion
  • The conflict started back when oil was discovered in Southwest Asia
  • England and France decide to partition the Ottoman Empire after controlling it
  • Jews were kicked out of their homeland of Palestine during WWII
  • Jews started the Zionist Movement to move back to Palestine and renamed it Israel for their religion
  • Wars between Jews and Arabs broke out (most won by Jews)
  • The Persian Gulf War was fought over oil in Kuwait by Iraq and was easily driven out by the United Nations
  • The conflict in Southwest Asia may never stop

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