Women drive for a change in Saudi Arabia

posted Oct 31, 2013, 7:58 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 31, 2013, 8:01 AM ]


On October 26th, women in Saudi Arabia defied the law that ban women from driving. At least 25 women drove this day and the majority posted videos of themselves on Youtube.

    In Social Studies we learned about different governments in SWA. We learned about Saudi Arabia's government and that it has strict laws against women’s rights. Maybe this will be the start of women in Saudi Arabia standing up for themselves.


SS7CG5 The student will explain the structures of the national governments of Southwest Asia (Middle East).

a. Compare the parliamentary democracy of the State of Israel, the monarchy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the theocracy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, distinguishing the form of leadership and the role of the citizen in terms of voting rights and personal freedoms.