Syrian Civil War Problems: Camila S.

      During the Syrian civil war, a terrible thing is going on. In the middle of all of the fighting, a game is going on, sniper bullets found in babies heads.

    Syrian snipers playing a "targeting game," according to one volunteer doctor, many of these dead victims are babies, children and pregnant women. Women, only a few months pregnant have shown up like crazy lately, the unborn child dead with a snipers bullet in their heads. Children, with major
Watch this video        See the little white thing inside that head, this 7-9 month baby, still in its mothers womb, has a snipers bullet logged inside, the mother survived, the baby didn't.
         Dr.Nott says that "many of these women coming to the hospital had similar wounds", as if the shooters are playing a game with these,women and children. Most of the victims are survivors, warning now, some parts of the video are graphic, viewer discursion is advised.
        Not only that, but the people of Syria live on the Regime side of the street, but food and provisions are on the Rebel side. People risk their lives trying to get to the other side, and sometimes don't make it home. The people of Syria fight for their lives, technically saying. But t doesn't matter where you are, you could and most likely would get shot.
We are working hard to get you the video now. :) <3<3
    This goes with the standard below because these people live in the middle of the Syrian war, some people cant go to work, or buy food, The population has probably decreased because of the deaths and people probably trying to escape. You wouldn't want to cross the street because you have no idea where the shooting is coming from.
    Thanks for reading!!!!  ~Camila

SS7G7 The student will explain the impact of location, climate, physical characteristics, Distribution of natural resources and population distribution on Southwest Asia (Middle East).

a. Explain how the distribution of oil has affected the development of Southwest Asia (Middle East).

b. Describe how the deserts and rivers of Southwest Asia (Middle East) have affected the population in terms of where people live, the type of work they do, and how they travel.