Women who defied Saudi driving ban fear repercussions

posted Nov 1, 2013, 4:01 PM by Unknown user


A few days ago these women in Saudi Arabia fear that they are being followed and investigated by the country’s secret police, who participated in the October 26 Women’s Driving Campaign. Some said that cars were parked outside their houses. About 41 women drove that day and now they’re worried about what will happen next since they’re not allowed to drive. Saudi Arabia still doesn't know what to do with this if women should be able to drive or not.

This article connects to the standards because we learn about the rights that people have in other countries. Also, if they don't have that many rights if its because of the religion or because of the government.

SS7G8 The student will describe the diverse cultures of the people who live in Southwest Asia (Middle East).

b. Explain the diversity of religions within the Arabs, Persians, and Kurds.

c. Compare and contrast the prominent religions in Southwest Asia (Middle East): Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

d. Explain the reason for the division between Sunni and Shia Muslims.