One State Solution - by Joe

By: Joe

        This is a paper to show how the one state solution is the best answer to this land problem in SW Asia. I will be showing you three good reasons to support the one state solution: one because it could promote an end to their hatred for each other, two because it could finally unite all of the Palestinians and give them a good government, three it would separate the Palestinians from the harsh, racism filled world.

“It is time to refocus their attention on the one-state solution where Muslims, Christians, and Jews can live as equals... It is very serious. This is the moment of truth for us.”, said Palestine negotiator Saeb Erekat on November 2009. In this statement he is trying to explain how if we do not at least attempt to equalize the countries in SW Asia they might not ever get along. This itself could wind up being WW2 between these two groups.

The Palestinians have been scattered and separated ever since the first war between them and the Israelis. Family members separated between the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Palestinians have not had a real, official government for many years. With this one state solution they could have the right to participate in a real active government.

Ever since the war that put the Palestinians out of power they have been a very low level group of people. They were almost a disgrace to the other Arabs. They have been mistreated and betrayed by the outside world. They could be given a place to feel safe and comfortable. This could be a step towards a new era of peace in SW Asia.

End of conflict, unite and make a home and government for the Palestinians, give the Palestinians a safe place. These are the best reasons to pass the one state solution. The Palestinians could be greatly helped with this.