Student Videos  - All of these were created using narrated PowerPoint

The "Heroes" of African Independence  by Catie, Zeba, Anndrea and Victoria

The Worst Dictators of Africa  by Jackie, Ryan, Brycen, Jacob, and Jalen 

Geography of Africa by Octavio and Josh

Editorials: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Our DaniellPedia students recently tackled many of the issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To help us gain some perspective, they have written editorials to showcase some of the different viewpoints. (Please note that the points of view expressed were assigned at random and may not reflect the opinions of the writers).

SS7H2 The student will analyze continuity and change in Southwest Asia leading to the 21st century.

b. Explain the historical reasons for the establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1948; include the Jewish religious connection to the land, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and Zionism in Europe.

c. Describe how land and religion are reasons for continuing conflicts in the Middle East.

What is DaniellPedia?

DaniellPedia is our multimedia, student-created encyclopedia for 7th grade social studies and science.  Students involved in the DaniellPedia project use Web 2.0 technology to engage with our curriculum and produce study material for other students.

In addition to mastering the curriculum, our students also become proficient with modern publishing skills like

  • Web Design (using Google Sites)
  • Collaborative Writing (Google Docs)
  • Digital Animation (PowerPoint video and MovieMaker)
  • Flash Animation (GoAnimate)

Feel free to explore the links in the navigation menu to see some of the content our students have created.